Education & Training

2013-2018   PhD, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Georgetown University
2015     Linguistic Institute, Linguistic Society of America, Chicago, IL
2015     MS, Linguistics, Georgetown University
2014     Genetics and Neurobiology of Language, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2010     BA, Linguistics and French, Georgetown University

Mentors & collaborators, present & past
Elissa Newport**, David Lightfoot*, Virginia Valian*, Ruth Kramer*, David PoeppelNai DingRhonda FriedmanMichael Ullman

**advisor, *committee member

Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University
Interdisciplinary PhD Concentration in Cognitive Science, Georgetown University
Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery
Learning and Development Lab
Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation (2011-2013)
Brain and Language Lab (2006-2010)

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